December 30, 2016

It's Not About Trump - It's About Tyranny!

(A 3-Minute read on what’s really going on!)

George Soros is a name you've probably heard by name, but perhaps are not all that familiar with. He's the billionaire who funds over 180 Democrat-supporting front groups (including Move-On,  Media Matters and blacklivesmatter) - and who’s been a confidant of Hillary Clinton for the past 30 years!

Under Soros, the goal of these groups has been to disrupt longstanding American orthodoxy and tradition. This election represents a continuation of that goal.
It isn’t about Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, or even about divergent political viewpoints. It’s the culmination of a years-long, coordinated effort to undermine our democracy and rule-of-law, and to usurp the freedoms we’ve enjoyed for the past 240 years.

And it's not just here.

Take a look at the state of the world today: the Middle East has exploded; European society is being overrun with Islamic refugees; Russia and China are expanding Communist influence around the globe; and medieval terror - burning, drowning, and burying people alive - is brought into our living rooms on an all too regular basis.

And then there's Obama's 8 years of sabotage (and I don't use the word lightly) of our economy, military, allies, race-relations, and the like.
A sabotage Hillary Clinton is more than willing to continue if we elect her!

You don't believe it?

Well, put aside the rhetorical sophistry for a moment and just look at what has actually transpired under this President over the past eight years, and which will undoubtedly continue, as she has stated, under a President Clinton.

- He mocks "high-horse" Christians, "bibles and guns" and "the Crusades", but still can't bring himself to use the words "Radical Islam", thus failing to differentiate peaceful Muslims with their terrorist brethren. And this is not just a matter of semantics, it's suggestive, if not illusory, of where the man’s sympathies, orientation, and intent truly lies.

- He ignores the student freedom-fighters in Iran; then saves that nation - the #1 sponsor of worldwide terror - from bankruptcy with a planeload of cash delivered in the dead-of-night, and a $150 billion taxpayer-funded "Iran Deal".

- Against all advice from seasoned experts, he gratuitously abandons the hard-won gains in Iraq and Afghanistan, telegraphing to our enemy our military objectives and maneuvers, and leaving behind state-of-the-art weaponry for the ascendant ISIS fighters to use.

- He sabotages stable, US-friendly regimes in Egypt and Libya under the pretext of an "Arab Spring", then supports the theocratic Muslim-Brotherhood regime in Egypt, until its overthrow.

- He obsesses over the closure of GITMO, which results, in practical terms, in our no longer receiving vital intelligence from Islamic prisoners.

- He purges our military of any generals not supporting his agenda, and guts our military preparedness to levels not seen since prior to WWII.

- In addition, he's staffed his Administration with at least five active members of the Muslim Brotherhood (a declared terrorist organization in Egypt), routinely lectures America on the exaggerated “bigotry” of Islamophobia; and maintains a virtual open-door policy at the White House to the Brotherhood’s political and legal arm, CAIR.

- Domestically, he's fomented racial division in instances regarding Trayvon Martin and Mikey Brown, but in 8 years, barely mentioned the plight of black Americans in blighted, crime-ridden Democrat controlled inner-cities - including his hometown of Chicago where 3500 mostly minority people have been murdered during his tenure.

- He's stifled our economy through 30-hour work week provisions in ObamaCare, over-regulation, and influencing over 8-years of a near 0% Federal funds rate.

- He's enacted policies that have engorged the net worth of the 1%'ers he rails against - at the expense of every other income group - in exchange for those same 1%'ers contributing millions to Democrat candidates and causes.

- He's allowed Open Borders, flooding the nation with illegals and Muslim (note no Christian) refugees - placing them in strategic voting districts throughout the country, providing them government handouts, then registering them through the Democrats Voter-Motor scheme.

...and there's more:

- There's the Soros-funded blacklivesmatter war-on-cops to undermine police authority (a false narrative based on a statistical canard - where the percentage of police shootings vis-à-vis black suspect interactions are actually down 25% in the past 8 years! A canard dutifully promulgated by a partisan and corrupt “mainstream media”).

And there's:
- Sanctuary cities
- Prison releases
- De-funding of police agencies
- Knowing lies and deception over ObamaCare
- Knowing lies and deception over Benghazi
- Knowing lies and deception over IRS targeting
- Knowing lies and deception over Stimulus (Remember “shovel-ready” jobs?)
- Knowing lies and deception over Fast-&-Furious
- Record food stamps and welfare to increase government dependence
- Doubling the debt to bankrupt the nation...

Do you really think all of this is by accident?

Rather, it reads like the playbook to Saul Alinsky's "8 Levels of Control To A Socialist State" (Google it!)

Once you consider that the leadership of today’s Democratic Party is NOT on America’s side, is when everything they’ve been doing begins to make sense!

So when the Godfather of that Party, George Soros, says they need to bring down Western Civilization - including Judaism and Christianity, by the way - in order to impose their New World Order on the rest of us, he's not just talking!

And whether Obama’s affinity to Islam comports with that agenda, or he’s merely along for the ride as the ‘enemy-of-my-enemy’…we do know where Hillary Clinton stands in all of this - and the people that support her!

ps) For those of you who don’t know of Soros' checkered background, he's a Hungarian-born Jew who turned hundreds of his fellow Jews into the Nazis for compensation. Asked in a "60 Minutes" interview if he regretted doing so, he said "Absolutely not!” If he didn't do it someone else would have!
What a guy! - And he’s the silent head of today’s Democratic Party!

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